The Kitchen Apparition

Ok, so I tend to be a bit skeptical of various reported “visions”….not the major ones like Lourdes or even Garabandal, but individuals who report visions or interior locutions.  People who see Jesus in the clouds…or even a taco…turn me off to the whole idea.  Perhaps these people see what they want to see, or perhaps they have some psychological problem or are looking for publicity.  Should I believe or not?

As I said, I tend to be skeptical and I suppose many others are as well.  That is why I am hesitant to share this story, even though I know the basic facts are true.  So here goes and you can judge for yourself:

Our grandson lived with us in his younger years.  He had a highchair in the kitchen where he had most of his meals.  One day at lunch time as he was sitting in his high chair, he suddenly stopped eating and pointed at a spot towards the ceiling of our kitchen.  He smiled and became very animated.  He kept saying something that sounded like “Yaady”…….which at this point in his life was as close as he could come to saying “lady”.  We were shocked and, of course, we could see nothing.  But there was no doubt that he saw something….and kept saying the words and pointing to the same spot near the kitchen ceiling.  At the time we had an office in our house and a woman who worked in our office witnessed this as well.

This lasted for about 20 minutes, I believe, and then it ended.  Wasn’t able to get much out of our grandson but there is no doubt he saw something….and it was either the Blessed Virgin Mary or an Angel, of that I am sure.

Looking back on it now, it makes the hair on the back of my arms stand up.  I witnessed a miracle in my kitchen!

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