Peter Grandich: A Catholic stock market guru

The Story of Peter Grandich: Though he never finished high school, Peter Grandich entered Wall Street in the mid-1980s and rose to become Vice President of Investment Strategy for a leading New York Stock Exchange member firm. He would go on to hold positions as a Market Strategist, portfolio manager for four hedgefunds and a … Read more

The Kitchen Apparition

Ok, so I tend to be a bit skeptical of various reported “visions”….not the major ones like Lourdes or even Garabandal, but individuals who report visions or interior locutions.  People who see Jesus in the clouds…or even a taco…turn me off to the whole idea.  Perhaps these people see what they want to see, or … Read more

Blind Woman healed after praying in front of Relic of Saint Charbel

Dafne Gutierrez, a 30 year old blind Hispanic American woman, mother of three children, who had lost her eyesight to Arnold-Chiari malformation has been healed in Phoenix, America by St Charbel the day after she visited St Charbel’s holy relic at St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in Phoenix, America. Phoenix is a city with a large Lebanese community, … Read more

Eucharistic Miracle in Dallas

On  March 19, 2006 (the Feast of Saint Joseph), a friend called me with some exciting news…apparently a Eucharistic Miracle had been reported right here in Dallas at Saint James Church.  Saint James is in a poor part of town and the pastor at that time was Msgr. Mario Maghanua.  I assume you are familiar … Read more